Claro, el portátil no va a ser menos y parece ser que tambien estará incluido en la versión Netbook Remix de Ubuntu. Versión hecha principalmente pensando en estos ”pezqueñines”.

Más información del proyecto.

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  1. Burak dice:

    I asked a few questions about this lpaotp from other reviewers but could not get an answer to anyone who needs to know, it does indeed have a backlit keyboard. I got mine this morning and it’s simply beautiful, the screen and sound are amazing, typing is a joy and I could not be happier.I really wish Amazon would get proper specs up for this. I ordered in hope that it would have a backlit keyboard, and I got lucky.I will update this review with more info if I find anything worth remarking on the specs speak for themselves, and of course there is a ton of nonsense bloatware, but that’s easily dealt with.I highly recommend this machine to anyone who wants something that looks good and you can be proud to own.

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