Msi ha puesto finalmente a la venta en Taiwán el Msi Wind U100 más completo ahora mismo existente, el modelo incluye batería de 6 celdas y disco duro de 160 GB. Su precio Final es de unos 625$, unos 435€ al cambio, si bien es algo elevado en $ con respecto a lo que ofrece en EE.UU y otros países, al traducir el precio en € no es tan elevado, esperemos que la tasa de conversión de un modelo similar sea parecida cuando salga por Europa, especialmente en España.

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  1. Sandra dice:

    (Personal Computers) I had the np900x3b (2012 non-ivybridge 13.3 series 9) since it was resealed and have loved it. Loved everything except the 4gB RAM. Being a Chrome user who likes to have 100s of tabs open, I couldn’t do much else other than browse’ the web.The np900x4c, while significantly heavier-feeling than its younger brother, is still extremely lightweight and sexy (3.5 pounds).The 8gB of RAM is user-upgradeable//replaceable, and the 10 hours of battery life is awesome (note: I have not tested it yet. Windows reported that I would have about 6+ hours with a full charge while running High Performance mode with maximum brightness).Pros:8gB RAMivy-bridge processorgraphics are excellent it can play Diablo 3 without a problemmicro-HDMI out so you can watch Netflix on your TV with easegood number of ports (2xUSB 3.0, micro ethernet, 1xUSB 2.0, micro HDMI, SD slot)excellent build quality (very sturdy duralumin)15 screentouchpad worked well out of the box (very impressed with that Cons:feels kind of heavy compared to other ultrabooksthe enter key is not the furthest right key (makes it harder to press quickly/easily/at night without a day of getting used to)128gB SANDISK mSata SSD still 440 mB/s read/write speeds but not as fast or as high quality as the Samsung SSD found in the np900x3bSD card sticks out thus cannot be left inside the laptop (which would be nice because you can get a 64gB//128gB SD relatively cheap, effectively doubling the storage capacity of the machine)

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