Así lo declara Nvidia por medio de Drew Henry. Declara que la duración de la batería será muy similar a la que actualmente dan los netbooks en venta, soni que con un rendimiento 10 veces superior.

Afirman que ofrece prestaciones muy superiores al actual 945GSE con 950GMA, sobre todo en Rendimiento 3D, vídeo en HD, y codificación de vídeo.

Afirma también que incluso con el nuevo chipset GN40 seguirán teniendo ventaja, pues la 9400M da un rendimiento 5 veces superior a GN40+Core2 mobile.

Así pues, finaliza afirmando que ION será una buena elección para quien quiera un portátil o netbook de bajo coste.

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  1. [...] lo relativo al Hardware, Nvidia ha declarado que con ION no se tiene por que gastar más batería, y que está previsto para el Segundo Cuarto de [...]

  2. Alexey dice:

    Everyone else already nealid the great aspects of this unit, so I’ll refrain. I absolutely love my MBP, and the backlit LED keyboard and bright LED display are phenomenal. I have one major gripe and a few smaller gripes, and this is why I gave it only four stars:BATTERY LIFE:Apple, like most other manufacturers, tends to be misleading in touting its technology. That’s the nature of marketing, so be it. Getting 8 hours out of this battery just isn’t realistic. I have traveled many times with this computer, and if I watch mpeg4 movies (not DVD) for 2 hours on two flights, my battery is usually toast at the end of four hours, if not sooner. This being said, I turn the display brightness way down, and the LED keyboard off (wireless/bluetooth as well). The mpeg4 movies tax the processor(s), yes, but I was very let down by the battery life. It barely outperforms my T series 9 cell Thinkpad when it was new. Apple breaks technological barriers by print, nothing more. If their 8-hour battery were real, it’d be a great leap in technology problem is, its just not there, its simply a statement that people believe and no one calls them on it. See my review on the 27 iMac if you’re open minded, you’ll start to understand.I’m also a little frustrated that apple has not released a quad core unit. The quad core will use quite a bit more power, which will blast their 8 hour feature.. hence, even the flagship desktop replacement pictured here is only available in a core 2 duo. Three words describe this antiquated $2500 laptop. I can’t hold it against the product though, the core 2 duo performs great and most folks will never notice the difference provided by two more cores. Obviously folks that buy the 17-inch MBP aren’t as concerned with the mobility as much as those who would purchase the 13.3 MBP so why not offer the quad core in the 17-inch? Core power management would still allow nearly the same battery life.On the glossy/matte displays:If you are going to watch lots of movies, mostly at night or on planes, get the glossy display. If you will be working in bright offices with lots of fluorescent lighting, or working outside at all, you need to get the anti-glare display.Docking stations?Why oh why has apple not manufactured a docking station for their flagship mobile computer? Apple’s greed bothers me. They won’t produce the dock station, because they don’t want anyone replacing their imac or mac pro with a mobile solution that will do both. It would also require another hole in the body for the docking port, which we all know is a major problem for Jobs he hates holes.

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