De acuerdo a la siguiente nota de prensa de Ralink, han anunciado una tarjeta MiniPci que incluirá wiFi n y Bluetooth 3.0 en una sola tarjeta.

La RT3090BC4 soporta Bluetooth 3.0 + HS, el nuevo estándar aprobado a principios de año, con un ratio de transferencia de hasta 150MB.

El hecho de usar ambas tecnologías en un sólo chip ayudará a reducir sus costes así como la potencia consumida. Además, la RT3090BC4 usará un algoritmo para diferenciar la transmisión de ambas freuencias de radio y así reducir interferencias.

Esperemos verlas pronto en los nuevos modelos.

Nota de prensa tras el salto:

Ralink Delivers Leading Edge 802.11n Plus Bluetooth 3.0 Combo for Mobile PCs

HSINCHU, Taiwan. November 9, 2009—Ralink Technology, a leading developer of high performance wireless solutions, today announced availability of its RT3090BC4, an 802.11n plus Bluetooth 3.0 Half MiniCard solution for PC OEMs. Targeting Notebooks, Netbooks and high-volume consumer PC platforms, the RT3090BC4 delivers an unprecedented level of intelligent coexistence between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. With support for high-performance Bluetooth 3.0 + HS functionality, this product catapults wireless mobile computing into a new level of multimedia capability by enabling Bluetooth 3.0+HS and data rates of up to 150Mbps, while maintaining the simplicity of Bluetooth device detection and setup. With an optimized bill of material, simplified design, and integrated manufacturing and testing procedures, the joint solution delivers significantly lower cost and power than discrete Wi-Fi and Bluetooth products.

The growing popularity of slim, ultra-compact mobile PCs has sparked demand for highly-integrated, co-located wireless solutions. To ensure optimal radio coexistence between WLAN and Bluetooth, the RT3090BC4 combo solution incorporates a sophisticated coexistence algorithm for improved harmony between co-located WLAN and Bluetooth radios. It dynamically adjusts WLAN and Bluetooth transmissions to reduce interference, and it responds automatically to the presence and operating characteristics of nearby Wi-Fi Access Points. This results in 80 percent faster WLAN throughput compared to competing WLAN plus Bluetooth combo devices for PCs.

The RT3090BC4 is a highly integrated solution that eliminates redundant components required for discrete 802.11n and Bluetooth modules including antennas, connectors, printed circuit boards, cables, and radio shielding, delivering more than 20 percent cost savings over competing WLAN plus Bluetooth combo products. PC OEMs also benefit from reduced manufacturing costs through easier assembly, faster testing, and simpler inventory control.

The RT3090BC4 supports the final 802.11n standard as well as Bluetooth 3.0 + HS, the leading-edge version of Bluetooth which was announced earlier this year. The solution incorporates support for Motorola’s consumer-friendly user interface and 22 Bluetooth profiles including high-performance multimedia capabilities such as stereo audio, video streaming, and rapid digital photo transfers for personal area network (PAN) applications.

Ralink’s 802.11n technology is shipping in more than 650 products from customers in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, and across all major Wi-Fi market segments including personal computers, retail access points and adapters, DSL and cable modem gateways, televisions, Blu-Ray players, web cameras, digital photo frames, and IPTV set-top-boxes. Dozens of customers across these segments ship WLAN products using Ralink’s innovative, high-performance Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ 802.11n chipsets. “Ralink’ Wi-Fi solutions are featured in millions of desktop and portable PCs worldwide, as well as the entire ecosystem of WLAN products including retail networking devices,” said Dr. Horen Chen, President of Ralink Technology, “The RT3090BC4 WLAN/Bluetooth combo solution enables manufacturers to quickly move into the new Bluetooth 3.0 + HS era and increase revenues.”

MSI is among the first PC OEMs to adopt Ralink’s 802.11n plus Bluetooth combo solution. “We are pleased to expand our partnership with Ralink into the fast growing mobile PC market,” said Jean Huang, Senior VP of MSI. “With its advanced R&D and early investment in the ‘next generation’ of Bluetooth/Wi-Fi co-location technology, Ralink is far ahead of its competition with this first-shipping High Speed Bluetooth + 802.11n module for PCs. Once again Raink has demonstrated that it is at the forefront of the PC wireless components market, with high performance, reliable, and cost-effective Wi-Fi technology”, Huang added.

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    Ralink RT3090BC4, Wifi N y bluetooth 3.0 en uno. Msi será uno de los primeros en usarlo en netbooks y ultraportátiles. | Ultrabook Spain – Ultrabooks en Español…

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