Nuestros afiliados nos avisan una seman más de ofertas y novedades en netbooks, miniportátiles y ultraportátiles en su catálogo.

Toshiba NB200-13E se queda en 299€, y si eres socio de FNAC en 279€
Samsung N150JA06 color blanco Netbook 10,1″ (intel Atom N450, 250GB, Bat. de 6 celdas) 299€

Samsung N150JA09 color negro Netbook 10,1″ (intel Atom N450, 250GB, Bat. de 6 celdas)
Samsung N150JA07 color rosa Netbook 10,1″ (intel Atom N450, 250GB, Bat. de 6 celdas) 279€

Asus UL30A-QX98V Portátil 13,3″ (intel CULV SU7300 de doble núcleo, 4GB DDR3, 250GB de HDD, Windows 7, batería de hasta 12 horas) 599€

Recordemos que en FNAC se puede adquirir por internet con recogida en tienda para ahorrarse gastos de envío y poder aprovechar las ofertas de internet.

Acer Aspire 3810TZG-414G32n 609€

Acer Aspire One D250 (En varios colores) 239€

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  1. Nikki dice:

    and would buy a tablet as an in beweetn device for Casual browsing, social networking etc and just doing fun stuff at home away from all work related activity on a larger than smartphone screen.After staring at two 19 screens for the whole day believe meswitching to my small smartphone screen is terrible. reading a book- I read a whole lot, I have tried but reading on a smartphone is just painful.Now i know a lot of people prefer laptops and netbooks as their in beweetn device but – A laptop doesnt work for me it’s bulky,fiddly, gets hot, has very low battery life, my casual browsing etc becomes a nightmare so bye bye laptop. – tried a netbook again doesn’t work for me, ever tried browsing or reading in bed or on a couch on a netbook? forget it. so it all comes down to what you really want the tablet for. To me its seems the major crutch of the matter is PRICE!! If for instance the samsung galaxy tab was going for a price ofbeweetn 30 and 50k(hint hint mobility nigeria phone store! lol, what? I can dream as much as I like can’t I?)I believe almost every one of us here would buy one without too much hesitation. You know you would

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