Esta mañana os mostrabamos el anuncio que se produjo anoche en la presentación de RIM, es decir, el anuncio de su primer tablet, el Blackberry PlayBook, a continuación mostramos el vídeo demostrativo del producto.

He de decir que tiene una pinta increíble.

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  1. Irina dice:

    I totally utndrsnaed. My hubs got me an ipad for Christmas this year and was so excited it would be easier to carry to work and I could write on it (surely) but we quickly discovered you can’t really write on it. But as much as I love the pad, I love my computer just as much for different reasons. Donno if I’ll ever give up a computer for a little tablet, just like I probably can’t give up actual books for a kindle or anything. Old fashioned?

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