Point of View ha subido en youTube un vídeo en el que nos muestra las bondades de su nuevo tablet de 10″ con Nvidia Tegra, resulta bastante interesante el vídeo en el que nos muestra “cómo se mueve” el PoV Mobii Tablet de 10″.

A modo de recordatorio, cuenta con una pantalla capacitiva y multitáctil de 1024×600, 512MB de memoria RAM y 512MB de memoria flash (además se puede ampliar mediante emorias micro Sd de hasta 32GB).

En cuanto al procesador Nvidia Tegra, se basa en Tegra 2 – 250 que es de doble núcleo y funciona a 1ghz y está basado en ARM Cortex A9. Esto indica que el tablet es capaz de acelerar Adobe Flash y juegos 3D además de vídeo.

Los chicos de POV nos muestran como funciona el tablet bajo android 2.2 Froyo, y reproduciendo un vídeo 1080P.

Resulta impactante el asombroso parecido al iPad en cuanto a diseño, al menos visto en la imagen.

Vídeo tras el salto.


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  1. Jackie dice:

    (Personal Computers) The three previous reivwes generally echo my impressions. However I wanted to clarify some of the specifications. The weight is variously listed as 3.3 lbs, 3.4lbs and 3.54 lbs. I believe there is confusion as to whether the number after the decimal point is in tenths of a pound or in ounces. I have weighed the Vaio T on a digital postal scale and it weighs 3 lbs 5.8 ounces. In terms of lbs this equates to approx. 3.36 lbs. The power brick is surprising small. It weighs 5.2 ounces (the brick and the non- detachable cord that goes from the brick to the computer.) The brick dimensions are 3.5 long, 1 3/8 wide and 1 high. The review that lists a Con has the Vaio being .5 lb overweight may be overstated as I noticed that the specs for the soon to be released Asus Zenbook Prime UX32A (with a hybrid drive) lists its weight as 3.2 lbs. If that is pounds and tenths of pounds then the difference is actually less than 2 tenths of a pound (or less than 3 ounces).The Vaio T has a 500GB hard drive plus a 32GB SSD in what is listed as a 532GB hybrid drive. This compares favorably to the announced slew of other ultrabooks with hybrid drives. The competition (Samsung series 5, Asus UX32A and Acer S5) generally has only a 24GB SSD. In addition the Vaio has one expandable RAM slot which can take up to 4GB of additional RAM. I bought a 4GB chip for about $26 and installed it and it worked without any hitches.Hope this helps.

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