No es que sea una rebaja excesiva, pero al menos hay una ligera rebaja, y la he puesto de forma separada del resto de ofertas semanales ya que se que es un modelo bastante codiciado entre nuestros lectores ;) .

Y es que nuestro afiliado Fnac nos avisa que ha rebajado el Asus Eee 1215N a 475€, es decir, 25€ sobre el precio habitual de 499€, sólo en compras por internet.

Tenéis unas breves impresiones nuestras de este modelo en el blog.

Podéis comprarlo a través del siguiente Link o bien pinchando en la imagen.

Asus Eee 1215N (12″, Intel Atom D525 doble núcleo a 1,8ghz, Nvidia ION 2, Nvidia optimus, 2GB DDR3, 250GB HDD, Windows 7, etc… 475€)

Actualización: He recibido un correo hace unos instantes que los gastos de envío a partir de 100€ son gratuitos en informática y tecnología portátil.


  • Pantalla 12.1″ 1366×768 glossy LED
  • Intel Atom D525 de doble núcleo a 1.8ghz
  • Nvidia ION “2″ y Nvidia Optimus para mejor gestión energética.
  • 2GB DDR3, 250GB HDD
  • Bluetooth 3.0,  WiFi N
  • Webcam, HDMi, VGA
  • Medidas y peso: 29,6 x 20,3 x 3,8 cm y 1.45KG
  • Windows 7 Home Premium

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  1. Nasrulloh dice:

    and after extensive tsteing, all battery drain issues have disappeared. it is now on a par, if not better, at keeping charge in standby mode, than any other tablet apart from the IPAD. Also I have remedied the wi-fi connection issue, but had to upgrade my cable HISPEED internet-now paying about $60.00 per month. The Sony S Tablet id not play nice with my former speeds-though 3-4 MBPS is not exactly slow. Now that I have almost doubled or tripled this, I do not get ANY dropped wifi connections after 2 minutes. I do have to say that my reason for changing to a more expensive internet plan was affected by my girlfriend’s two teen boys who have a voracious online gaming habits of course (don’t they all now?) Otherwise I would not have upgraded. I must mention, that this is more a recent development, and my previous tsteing of the wifi connection was done sans teenagers. Because of this I can still only give it 4 stars. I am very disappointed that there has not been more integration with the Playstaion store and more games available. I am also disappointed in the limited usability of the SD card. No matter which file browser is used it ids a pain in the rear to load and transfer movies to free up space in main tablet storage. Also, no matter what, finding the movies is an issue since the ones stored on the SD card do NOT show up in Sony’s video application along with other videos purchased from Sony Video Unlimited. I have yet to find a File viewer that can show the files on the sd card and tablet in one view, from which you can also seamlessly play all files and have all the other features of regular video players that most other tablets have-recognizing and showing the movie names that I established for my ripped files on the desktop. Transferring video files to the sd card should not require me to transfer and then delete the original file from the Tablet. Transfer should mean just that-not copy instead. for that reason I upgrade my review 3.5 stars stars(if i could give half stars), since these problems still exist, though there have been improvements such as battery life.UPDATE AFTER 1 MONTH OF USE: (PREVIOUS POSITIVE BATTERY LIFE COMMENTS FROM INITIAL REVIEW HAVE NOT HELD UP)Due to the severe battery drain when on standby, I have stopped using this device for the time being. I am going to wait until a software update comes out to solve this issue, and until the Official Skinny Case from Sony arrives. That way I do not have to remove the tablet from a pouch and not worry that the battery will be down to 20 % after 8 hours of standby and with only 4 hours of use(reading, browsing and playing Fish Tycoon). My new Galaxy Tab 8.9 has a M-Edge case that does this and gives me 60% battery life at the end of the day(under the same usage) rather than just 20%-big difference. I love the heft and feel of the Sony, but cannot justify using it because of the battery drain issue. My initial review of battery life was good, but having installed exactly the same apps as on my other test tablets, the battery life and drain have worsened significantly. It is definitely something specific to the Sony Tablet/software.I am also somewhat pessimistic now, since Sony has delayed shipping on the case 6 times in 6 weeks. Also, as of now there is no news on a Software update release. That’s fairly understandable though, since the tablet is still within 60 days of initial release. I would definitely NOT recommend this tablet to anyone who is going to be out and about-not unless you completely switch it off each time. This becomes annoying, since the Sony is not the fastest tablet to boot up. Oh and another annoying thing, is that any video which you transfer to the Tab, skips and stutters when screen orientation is changed. If you are just going to use this to browse the web and read ebooks-and are willing to shut the tablet down completely after each use, then this is the best tablet out there. IMHO however if you can wait a couple of months to see how Sony handles these issues with a software update, then go ahead. Sony has the potential to be the best tablet period(unless you like having hundreds of thousands of useless apps,no decent way to organize or close them, no widgets, no true multitasking and being tied into a proprietary ecosystem that makes converting movies a nightmare if virtually impracticable with lousy music and video quality).UPDATE AFTER 2 WEEKS WORTH OF USE:I regrettably have to drop my rating to 3 stars from 5. This is not just because the Video Unlimited or Music Unlimited apps are not ready or working properly-the Sony is new and that is expected. The problem I am seeing, and which other colleagues are experiencing, is severe battery drain when left on standby.About 3% drain per hour. This is unacceptable when not in use. It should not be

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