Los chicos de Notebook Italia nos traen unas breves impresiones en vídeo del nuevo netbook de Acer, el Aspire One D257.

Resulta muy interesante saber que gracias a su sistema de bisagras, podrá abrirse 180º.

Notebook Italia

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  1. DOMPIN dice:

    No tenia que ser de 11″??????????

  2. Ever dice:

    (Personal Computers) Fantastic design. The only real dcfeerinfe you\’ll notice if you hold it next to a Macbook Air is that the edges are less rounded.High pledge. 1600 900 is brilliant for a notebook, especially with a 13 screen. (Note: this is privileged than the Macbook Air pledge, which I believe is 1440 900)I\’m running IIS, ColdFusion server, SQL Server, MySQL, Visual Studio, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Media Player, and a few web browsers all at the same time and everything still runs smoothly. I needed LOTS of power in a apparatus small enough to comfortably travel with and this notebook is perfect.Notebook turns on pretty much instantly.Small power adapter just like an iPad charger but slightly larger.Cons: When I use the touchpad, I use two hands, and sometimes when I click with my left hand while another finger is on it, it thinks I\’m trying to go the cursor down and left. You can, but, push down anywhere on the touchpad to click / drag. (Note that I despise using all touchpads in general anyway.)You have to use the Fn key to use home/end/pg up/pg down. I use the Home and End keys a lot, and they could have straightforwardly made them seperate keys rather than making you use Fn+left arrow and Fn+Right arrow. This probably isn\’t a huge deal for most people.You have to buy a micro-HDMI to HDMI adapter seperately. (It\’s only a few bucks, though.)Here\’s no microphone input, but this isn\’t a huge deal for me since my headset is USB.Other Thoughts: I had been wanting a upset like this for a while: basically a MacBook Air, but PC. I didn\’t get a MacBook Air because I can\’t get any work done on it it would end up just life a toy . This laptop fit my needs perfectly. Here are some minor improvements that could be made, but nothing major, no deal breakers.Since the design and size is nearly exactly the same as a Macbook Air, you can probably just buy a Macbook Air case to carry it around.I\’m so glad I bought this no need to drag my ultra-heavy 17 monster laptop around anymore.

  3. Nitha dice:

    I have a 1 year old Compaq 420 laptop with 14’1 inehcs Screen, 2GB RAM, 250GB SATA HDD, Intel Core2Duo T6570 Processor, Windows7, Avast Internet Security Lifetime, and MS Office 2010 Licensed. But I have lost Charger which is costing Rs1900, I want to sell it for Rs.18000. If you are interested please let me know. My mob No. is +919035790898.

  4. della spazzatura…

    Acer Aspire One D257 en vídeo. | Ultrabook Spain – Ultrabooks en Español…

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