Nos comunican desde que desde hoy y hasta mañana, con motivo de los días del socio, puedes comprar con un 5% de descuento habitual + un 5% de descuento indirecto extra.

Pincha para acceder a la oferta.

Es válida excepto en iPad 2.

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  1. Villa dice:

    The TC1100 s were a wonder and a joy, firegus that HP killed them, unmerciful at that, but convertibles held the greater demand, so economically you can’t really blame HP, even though you can mean-face sneer in their general direction. Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition (gawd, always a garbled mouthful) wasn’t exactly mature in the TC1100 era, and the TC only hooked consumers and educators, Motion getting Health Care. HP went corporate, and that was that, TC was dead.What rock have you been living under?His RSS feeds, Facebook, iPhone, Mac Book Pro (when it works), and Kindle rocks. But as a final zap, why is everything in the Tablet space, always warmed-over apps, and hacked-up ink-things left out of Office/Vista/PDF, or eternal never-making-to-market research prototypes? ISVs sure never found much bite in things Tablets.I wonder if Rob Lowe still uses his Tablet

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