Nuestro afiliado Fnac nos comenta una gran oferta en la sección de Pc’s, en la que tendremos un 7% de descuento directo + un 5% de descuento indirecto, este último sólo para socios para gastar en futuras compras. Esta oferta es válida hasta el 12 de Agosto.

Este descuento sirve en as siguientes categorías de producto:

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  1. [...] Hoy es el último día del 12% de descuento en portátiles de Fnac. En él tendremos un 12% de descuento en varias categorías de la sección de informática tal y como avisamos ayer. [...]

  2. Soney dice:

    Oh well, the MBA and the Aspire S3 might seem close on paper, but in reality they are noihtng alike.For your needs, an S3 with a core i5 processor and the hybrid storage will do and you’ll probably find one for less than 700 euros these days.But, the screen is going to be quite bad, the keyboard and trackpad as well and the overall build quality is not that good either. Also, you should expect under 4 hours of life on daily use and probably like 2.5 with Photoshop, maybe less.All in all, I think the S3 is one of the worst ultrabooks on the market. For the money though and when you’ll compare it to a regular laptop, it might not be that bad though if you’re willing to cope with those quirks. My advice: try to see it in some stores before buying it or get it from some place that allows returns.For your needs, you should look at the HP Folio 13, it’s not very expensive and it is overall a great improvement over the Acer.

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