Nvidia y Epic Games van a por todas y nos muestran que los Tablets con Windows 8 Pro y Windows 8 RT también sirven para jugar, por ello han mostrado la demo técnica de EPIC citadel bajo el motor Unreal Engine 3, es decir, aquella que fue mostrada con la salida de los iPhone 4 e iPod touch 4 corriendo sobre un Tablet ASUS AVIVO RT.

Originally developed by Epic Games, creators of blockbuster gaming franchises such as Gears of War and Infinity Blade, Unreal Engine 3 is considered a category leader with more than 20 technology awards. It operates on nine platforms, with more than 20 integrated technologies and has been licensed for more than 225 game titles.

This is a big leap forward for the Windows ecosystem as not only is one of the top game engines now available for developers to begin working with, it is also the full PC implementation. This gives developers unprecedented support for porting PC and Xbox games to a mobile platform, and vice versa.

“The Unreal Engine 3-powered ‘Epic Citadel’ demonstration for Windows RT tablets implements the full DirectX 9 pipeline, with shaders and materials, all running beautifully on Tegra 3,” said Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games. “By porting the full engine as opposed to a modified mobile version, NVIDIA and Epic have made it easy for UE3 developers around the world to bring their best content to Windows RT, Windows 8 and NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor. Windows RT code is available to licensees from Epic now and we’re excited to see the great games they develop with it.”

This is just one of the things NVIDIA is doing to support the Windows RT platform. Stay tuned for more great announcements as we get closer to Windows RT launch on Oct. 26.


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